Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Exploring Bioethics with Uncle Sam

My latest Press Release from National Institute of Health was this: NIH Releases Innovative Approach to Exploring Bioethics in New Curriculum Supplement
Should Carl, a high school baseball player, take steroids to improve his performance and win a college scholarship?

Luke is 58 years old, Emily is 36, and Mario is just 6 months old. All have liver failure. Which one should get the liver that has become available for transplantation?

Joy refuses to be vaccinated. Should she be forced to get a vaccine? Does it matter that the reason she doesn’t want to be vaccinated is her fear of needles? Would her refusal be fairer if vaccinations were against her religious beliefs?

Now teachers will have an innovative approach for students to address these and other bioethical questions. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the global nonprofit Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), developed "Exploring Bioethics," a high school curriculum supplement. It serves as a guide for teachers to foster thoughtful classroom discussions on topical bioethical issues.
Go to the website and you'll find more. Here's module six
6. Modifying the Natural World: Human Responsibilities toward Animals Examine human responsibilities to animals and analyze whether respect for persons should be extended to other species.
Or up a bit to module two,
2. Balancing Individual and Community Claims: Establishing State Vaccination Policies Determine and justify a position that balances individual rights against the best interests of a school community.
So who defines the community's interests? The Community Activists over at ACORN? The Ward Regular Democratic Organization?

And back on up to the start with mod one,
1. Bioethics Concepts and Skills Introduce students to a new model for examining bioethical issues. Apply this model to two cases involving the use of enhancements in sports.
So what exactly was the old model this new model replaced?

I just finished putting the third and last through High Schcool. None of them ever came home with the old bioethics model. What exactly is the old Model NIH has replaced with this New Model? What were the changes?

email to Dr Vannier on it's way.... He owes Americans a little more about the Government Ethics he's zipping off to our kids classrooms.

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