Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Democrats lose as stewards of Amercian Health Care

From George Will today on why no one believes the Prez. A pretty remarkable loss of brand. Loss in Afghanistan and no response to threats from Iran will just confirm security failures. Democrats will drive straight off the cliff if they keep this up.
...never in his [McConnell] 25 Senate years have Republicans polled close to Democrats when the question is: Which party do you trust most to deal with health care? Until now. Last week's polling: Democratic Party, 41; Republican Party, 39—a statistical dead heat.


Joel Monka said...

You might be amused by this video

Joel Monka said...

Something else you may find amusing- I just saw this: Acorn operating illegally in Maryland

Bill Baar said...

Acorn is a story I need to bring over to my UU blog. I doubt many UUs are aware of it.