Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pence on Six Month Anniversary of Stimulus Signing: “The Results Are In: the Stimulus Isn’t Working”

Pence via House GOP
Six months ago today, President Obama signed a stimulus bill with the promise that government spending would put Americans back to work. Congress was told that borrowing another $1 trillion would prevent unemployment from rising over 8% nationwide. With the loss of more than two million jobs since the stimulus was signed and unemployment at 9.4%, the results are in: the stimulus isn't working. This Administration and this Congress have failed to keep their promise to the American people.

The American people know we can't borrow and spend our way back to a growing economy. Thousands of Americans are filling town hall meetings expressing outrage and disappointment at the policies of a Congress and an Administration that promised to mend our economy and get people back to work, and that has only offered more spending, more deficits, more bailouts and more unemployment.

In the next six months, Democrats in Washington should start working with House Republicans on real solutions to get this economy back on track: fiscal discipline in Washington, D.C and fast-acting tax relief for working families and small businesses. The American people deserve solutions to put our nation back to work, not more empty promises from Washington, D.C.

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