Saturday, August 15, 2009

Obama Care, Clinical Guidelines, and the Meaningful Use of Electronic Medical Records

Below is a slide from the Department of Health and Human Services's Health Information Technology committee displaying the Meaningful Use Matrix.

The stimulus act included funding to pay providers for the Meaningful Use of Electronic Medical Records and the committee's task is to define just what Meaningful Use should mean. The Matrix is their start.

A lot of money rides on this. Note the 2015 Goals include Efficiency measures for both outpatient and inpatient care to-be-determined. How HHS plans to measure efficiency, and the fates of providers HHS finds inefficient should be fodder for hearings.

Mr. Blumenthal, Dr.Perlin, Dr. Halamka; just what do you folks have in mind here for efficient Health Care? It's vast powers the Stimulus Bill has granted to you. Your task deserves some careful attention from those of us who are going to be at the receiving end.

Here are the 2011 measures for a flavor of where they're headed and the cohorts soon to be subjected to 2015's efficiency metrics.

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