Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wurf While: When Bipartisanship Clogs Health Care Reform…

“Doctor why have you stopped the bypass surgery - the patient is dying!”

“I’m sorry. It’s not bipartisan.”

Above via Wurfwhile from Sen Bernie Sanders.

Now, from a few years ago in the Canadian Med Society Journal about patients who never make it to the table to worry about clogs,
The fact that Canadians must regularly queue for health services - often for months - is a continuing source of frustration and dissatisfaction with the health care system. The situation is particularly fraught when patients die while waiting for services that might have prolonged their lives. Such deaths probably occur most frequently among patients waiting for coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), although patients dying of cancer while waiting for diagnostic and therapeutic services are also a source of concern.
Americans aren't going to tolerate queue's. Neither would Sanders. I have a feeling the Gov Option will turn into a regular Health Care Ghetto and US Senators aren't going to give up the Federal Health Insurance to join it. They're not going to let a clogged wait list block their access to care. No Canadian-like patiently-waiting-in-queues folks sit in the US Senate. They'll do what it takes to get to the head of the queue they'll create.

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Health services should be utilized!!
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