Monday, July 20, 2009

Walmart: Jobs & Opportunities? Yes, we CAN

Gotta wonder if Chicago Dems will make Walmart Good Guys now they're behind Obama care. Watch the reaction on this one to see.
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Jobs & Opportunities? Yes, we CAN

New Web site features South Side residents, community leaders

supporting new Walmart Store in 21st Ward

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 20, 2009: Walmart today unveiled the Chicago Walmart Community Action Network (CAN), a proactive Internet drive to inform Chicagoans about the jobs, community benefits and economic opportunities the proposed Supercenter would bring to the South Side and rally members of the community to make their voices heard. The Web site features videos and testimony from local residents and community leaders enthusiastically supporting a new Supercenter in the Chatham neighborhood. Videos also feature local Walmart employees discussing their personal experiences working for the nation’s largest retailer. View the site at:

“We are asking for an opportunity to put this store on the South Side of Chicago,” says Alderman Howard Brookins (21st) in one of the videos. “We’re asking for the opportunity to put people to work.”

“This needs to happen now to reduce 10.7% of unemployment, to reduce the food desert, to get people back to work, to get families feeling whole again,” says President of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Jerry Roper.

“It’s about the people of Chicago of the South Side. We need some jobs and we need to tear down this bureaucracy that is stopping us from controlling our communities and our neighborhoods,” says Pastor Larry Roberts Sr., President of the 21st Ward Ministerial Alliance. “I say take it back to the neighborhoods and let us take control of our destiny.”

“Not only is it a job, it’s a career, it’s a sense of security, it’s a sense of family,” says Walmart Facility Manager of the Country Club Hills store Jason Thomas, who started out as an hourly associate.

About Walmart Chicago CAN

The Walmart Community Action Network is dedicated to bringing a brand new Supercenter to the 21st Ward at the corner of 83rd and Stewart in the Chatham neighborhood. A new Supercenter would create over 400 good-paying jobs in the community, foster local economic development and increase accessibility to healthier foods in an area struggling with ever increasing obesity and diabetes rates.

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