Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama, Gates, and that Chicago Police Misconduct List

Had to chuckle last night listening to Obama call the Cambridge Cops stupid on the Gate's arrest, when Obama's been silent for a very long time about the Chicago PD's refusal (backed up by Mayor Daley) to make public its list of misconduct claims.

A Police Department with considerable misconduct problems and some inlaws of Obama's are members of it. Never any issues with his conduct. We have no reason to think he's as stupid as the Cambridge cops. But then Chicago Democrats don't want us to see the list of Misconduct complaints either, so who really knows who is stupid.

Update: A little about that stupid Cambridge cop.

The really stupid thing was for a National leader to comment on a local case without knowing any facts. If Obama's smart enough to stay out of the frequent messes in the Chicago PD since the days he was in the Illinois Senate, he should have been smart enough to say little last night. Especially when he has an agenda he wants America keep in focus.

Last night's closing words were a rookie mistake. One of many and given the moment couldn't have been more poorly timed.

Update: If you don't know the facts, keep your opinions to yourself. Don't joke in front of the Press when you haven't seen the facts. Don't talk about yourself. Axelrod had to have been having apoplexy watching this last night.

Update: A comment from O-Fish-L,

Michele McPhee on 96.9 WTKK is reporting that the ceremonial Mayor of Cambridge is fighting hard to prevent the release of the police radio tapes containing Prof. Gates "sounding like a maniac" (so much for the bronchial infection) at the scene while Sgt. Crowley is completely calm.

Cue up Johnny Most: "It's all over! It's all over!"



Robin Edgar said...

I look forward to President Obama acknowledging that in his own *special* way renowned (now notorious) Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates acted stupidly himself. . .

Robin Edgar said...

"Last night's closing words were a rookie mistake. One of many and given the moment couldn't have been more poorly timed."

With 20/20 hindsight I dare say that President Obama's words were actually very well timed Bill. Well timed for Sgt. James Crowley, well timed for the Cambridge police department, and well timed for all the police unions across the country who were able to turn President Obama's poorly chosen words to their advantage. Am I wrong?