Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NHS blog Doctor on saving bucks on Health Care by redefining it as Social Care

The NHS Doc on bean counters deciding who is sick and who is not,
One of the greatest problems we face in the UK is getting people to realise that their attachment to the NHS is emotional rather than rational. Criticisms of British health care are usually met with disbelief and incredulity. I get emails and comments saying that the picture I paint of the NHS is unnecessarily gloomy. Then the writers of these comments are admitted to hospital or, more likely, their elderly grandmothers are admitted, and I get an email saying, “I had not realised…”.

The government’s attitude to this is simple. They lie. They are obsessed with the “process” of healthcare rather than its delivery. They bombard us with figures showing that more money has been spent and more targets have been hit and so all is well. And woe betides anyone within the NHS who does not toe the party line.

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