Sunday, June 14, 2009

Police vs People

via Winston's Spirit of Man,
This is a video by the Italian TV reporter showing police attacking people. Then the people charge at the police motorcycles and capture a few officers. First people attacking police in Iran is unheard of. Then at the end of the video you'll see how people shield the same officer from further beating by angry people. This is excellent. Goes to show the people are FED UP. It proves that the regime might not look invincible in the eyes of Iranians any more. If this is the case, the regime is shaky, then its fall might come sooner than later. Let's give our support to those in the streets of Tehran and other cities who are fighting against regime brutality... 'Death to Dictator'

Winston writes,
URGENT UPDATE: Security forces have raided the main campus of Tehran university in NW of Tehran. Shots being fired and heard across the area. 15 students injured. One killed (unconfirmed)

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