Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mohammad Asgari: Interior Ministry official who leaked election results is killed

At 11am at The Guardians live coverage,
The man who leaked the real election results from the Interior Ministry - the ones showing Ahmadinejad coming third - was killed in a suspicious car accident, according to unconfirmed reports, writes Saeed Kamali Dehghan in Tehran.

Mohammad Asgari, who was responsible for the security of the IT network in Iran's interior ministry, was killed yesterday in Tehran.

Asgari had reportedly leaked results that showed the elections were rigged by government use of new software to alter the votes from the provinces.

Asgari was said to have leaked information that showed Mousavi had won almost 19 million votes, and should therefore be president.
We will try to get more details later.


Anonymous said...

I'm seeing very few reports covering this situation. While I see plenty of general reports covering the turmoil in Iran, few, if any, have mentioned Asgari or his presumed role leaking election information and his death.

Bill Baar said...

The Regime closing all the news down doesn't do much to help sort things out....

Anonymous said...

First,his name was Mohammad Mehdi asghari and not asgari.
second,he was in charge of all mpls vpn connections from all provinces to the interior ministry and not a securit admin.I dont know whether you know about this infra structure or not, yet I am goona explain it a little.When the election is done and votes are counted and the results are verified by governors and other officials, they are all conveyed to Tehran(interior ministry) and from there the overall results are announced. Nobody really knows what happened to him although the whole thing is totally fishy.He was a good man and one of the best hackers in Iran.He was MCSE:Security and Messeging and CCIE.He is always in our hearts.God bless his soul!

Bill Baar said...

Thanks Anonymous..much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Three months have passed since we lost our beloved freind and brother, yet it does not seem that time really heals everything. As time goes on, it becomes more and more obvious that Mohammad Mehdi Asghar was really killed and not died. We put the blame on Mr.Ahmadinejad(the president) and Mr.Sadegh Mahsooli(then interior minister).Sooner or Later they should take responsibility for what they have done. They will definitely face the consequences of their stupid and savage acts in Iran.Lets pray for all who lost their valuable lives for Irans Freedom.God bless their souls all! S.G