Friday, June 26, 2009

Illinois Review: Will Foster Get Off the Fence and Vote for Job-Killing Energy Tax?

A cross post in it's entirety from IR. Fran will understand. Foster's my Rep. I wrote him yesterday,
With 4,600 Jobs in His District at Stake, IL Dem Still Doesn’t Know Where He Stands

from the National Republican Congressional Committee:

Washington- As Congress prepares to vote for Nancy Pelosi’s disastrous National Energy Tax, it appears that Bill Foster (D-IL) still has not taken a stance on the bill. A new study reveals that this legislation will cost Foster's Illinois congressional district alone over 4,600 jobs. So why hasn’t Bill Foster taken a firm stance?

“With thousands of jobs at stake in every congressional district across the country, this bill should be a no-brainer for Bill Foster,” said NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain. “Unfortunately for voters, it looks like Foster can’t prioritize Illinois jobs over the wishes of his party bosses in Washington.”

According to one major manufacturer: “The bill is seriously flawed, unfair, and would impose exorbitant costs on the American economy.”

With Nancy Pelosi lobbying Foster and other Democrats heavily, it should be no surprise if Illinois loses out once again: “To Democratic opponents and skeptics, Pelosi seemed to be everywhere this week, lobbying for her ‘flagship’ bill — an effort expected to culminate Friday in a vote too close for anyone to guarantee one way or the other… Hoping to ensure its passage, she’s taking an active role in whipping the vote and making sure her members understand how much she values this roll call.” (Mike Soraghan, “Tap on Shoulder from Pelosi,” The Hill, 6/25/09)

With the vote coming soon, Illinois voters are once again left to wonder if Bill Foster will finally stand up against Nancy Pelosi’s job-killing agenda. Unfortunately, with the San Francisco Speaker pushing hard for votes, it looks like Illinois will lose once again.


Study shows National Energy Tax is a Job Killer: A Heritage Foundation study reveals that the Waxman-Markey climate legislation will cost Foster's Illinois congressional district over 4,600 jobs and $602 million in personal income in the year 2012. (“How the Waxman-Markey Climate Change Bill would Affect the States, by Congressional District,” Heritage Foundation, 6/25/09)

Major Employers Across the Country Warn of the Dire Consequences of Passage: MeadWestvaco Corporation, a major packaging firm based in Virginia, penned a letter to the Virginia congressional delegation in opposition to the climate bill, stating: “The bill is seriously flawed, unfair, and would impose exorbitant costs on the American economy… It is too complex to implement, too reliant on technologies that do not yet exist, too expensive for businesses to afford and remain competitive, and too narrowly focused on domestic emissions to reduce the overall global impact of climate change.” (Letter from MeadWestvaco Corporation Vice President Mark George to the Virginia congressional delegation, 6/19/09)

Speaking of Foster, what in the world is he asking $5 million for this year for the Institute of Tribology and Coatings? From Foster's site,
Project:Institute of Tribology and Coatings
Location:Sugar Grove
Amount Requested:$5,000,000
Requestor:Institute of Tribology and Coatings
Description: The Institute for Tribology and Coatings ( is seeking to establish an Army Weapons Center for Wear, Tribology, Corrosion, and Characterization
A backhanded tax and then a no bid payout to the Tribologists to characterize automatics. Can they replace those 4,600 lost jobs?

Tell me it ain't so.

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