Saturday, May 30, 2009

Silva Harotonian

A site I found reading NPR's interview with Roxanna Saberi.
Silva Harotonian, an Iranian citizen of Armenian descent, recently held a modest role with a humanitarian organization working to improve child and maternal health in Iran. Her work and life were interrupted on June 26, 2008 when she was detained by Iranian authorities and charged with participating in an effort to overthrow the Iranian government through a ''soft revolution.'' On January 19, 2009, she was sentenced to three years in jail.

My cousin Silva is a kind, honorable young woman whose arrest was a tragic misunderstanding. Since she was arrested, Silva has sat in jail unable to tell her story, innocent of any intentional wrongdoing. Now I am speaking for her. Please look through this site to get to know Silva’s story and to sign the appeal to Iran’s government using your voice to help Silva regain her freedom.

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CoyoteDKM said...

Keeping her there is bull. We all know she did nothing wrong. She's just another scapegoat.

I hope she is okay, and that she gets out soon.

A storm is coming, and that entire region is going to go through a drastic change. Maybe things will be better after that. Keep up hope.