Sunday, May 31, 2009

GM and the lesson of British Leland

Maybe you have to be old enough to have lusted for a TR6 to remember the disaster of Bristish Leland.

Keith Crain draws the lessons: Who can forget British Leyland?
Before the White House goes much further in nationalizing Chrysler and General Motors, someone in the administration should take a look at history and see what a disaster British Leyland was for the British government.

If you don't learn from history, you will repeat it.

In order to save jobs in England, the government supported the conglomeration of all sorts of automakers into a new company. It didn't work. After the British government poured billions of dollars into the new corporation, it died a quiet death.

Government ownership -- or direction -- won't work in the United States. Anyone who thinks the government knows how to run a large manufacturing company like GM or Chrysler just doesn't get it.
I got a feeling we're in for the repeat. Photo thanks to the TR6 site.

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