Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bill Foster on the Anniversary of Invading Iraq

Over at Prairie State Blue where Bridget and Razor Girl go at it Hammer and Tongs over the success with the Iraq Surge and nary a word about the 17k American Soldiers headed to Afghanistan.
It doesn't seem a pressing topic there. No one is commenting on Carl's: Pres. Obama, what's the strategy on Pakistan?

No wonder Democrats feel bamboozled and lied too. It's the decisions about tomorrow that count. Leave yesterday for the historians.

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MAS1916 said...

Iraq gave the United States a battlefield upon which the enemy would be attracted. We could kill them there rather than wait for them to visit US soil with another set of hijacked airliners.

Still.. this will be part of Obama's Apology Tour set to kick off next month. Obama won't work too hard to find things to apologize for. ( for a top ten list of apology items, you an hit: )