Saturday, May 30, 2009

Anyone remember the Rinder Family, and 4804 W. Quincy on Chicago's West Side

Arlene Jones writes,
I received a very nice email from a gentleman who grew up at the corner of Quincy and Cicero Ave in the 1940s. He lived at 4804 W. Quincy. He lost the few pictures he had in a fire and now he having memories of the place and longing to see it again. Can you post something on your blog asking anyone with photos to email me a copy.

Does any of your followers remember the Rinder family?
Let me know or write Arlene over at her blog.

Also, if anyone has pictures of Chicago's West Side (and I've got a pretty broad definition of that: from Fullerton to 3th; from the River to maybe Omaha?) please send them along to me. I remember getting off the Congress at Western once and my Dad told me to take a good look because the city is always changing. Chicagoans always tearing down and starting over again. So pictures of the West Side old or today always welcome.

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