Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rep Dingell: ‘Nobody in This Country Realizes That Cap-and-Trade is a Tax’

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The GOP's analysis: The Waxman-Markey Climate Legislation: Higher Energy Prices, Fewer Jobs, and More Government Intrusion Erika A writes from Wash,
Waxman and crew hope to pass this bill by Memorial Day and Pelosi wants to rush it through ASAP. You know what that means -- nobody reads it fully or knows what is in it.
No kidding... we're in some dram world...disconnected... and not paying attention to reality save a plain speaker like the guy from Detroit.


MAS1916 said...

Nobody realizes that inflation is a tax either.

Obama's spending coupled with his inability to borrow all the Stimulus funding will require printing more money. This tax increase will hit the middle classes the hardest.

There is a good look at this at:

Bill Baar said...

No kidding Mas... what a mess coming