Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WSJ: Blagojevich and Drinking the Chicago Way

One benny from the Blagojevich tragedy has been stories like this bringing back old memories of a tavern I used to haunt.
But if (im)peaches are going to be at the heart of any Blagtail, it may be hard to beat the Cohasset Punch, a drink that for decades was the essential Chicago cocktail, and whose most notable feature was its garnish: half a canned peach.
And I can vouch for this,
Cohasset Punch built a reputation for being "seductive." Which is to say that the hard liquor at its core was so effectively masked by the sweet and fragrant ingredients that one might easily overindulge. "Harmless looking, pleasant tasting," wrote one correspondent to the Chicago Daily Tribune in 1936 of the punch. After three or four of them, "a pleasant mellowness steals over you, your imagination glows, you discover humor you never possessed." When you finally get up to go, "lo, your legs are merely attached to your body for appearance's sake."
More at the Chicago Bar Project: Ladner Brothers

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