Friday, February 20, 2009

John Kass isn't one of Holder's cowards

A good column today.... Coverage of corruption has hypocritical scent
Watching the Chicago media pack take chunks out of Roland Burris this week—and after taking a few bites out of the lying weasel myself—I couldn't help but wonder:

When it comes to covering corruption, is there a media double standard, one for weak black politicians and another for powerful white guys?
Powerful white guys meaning Daley and Madigan.
The black pols most often skewered by the media are the puppets. The white guys are treated with the respect reserved for the powerful.

Looking forward, to the 2010 general elections, it's clear that Madigan doesn't want the now-leprous Burris leading the Democratic ticket, not if Madigan wants to maintain control of the state House and install daughter Lisa as governor. And if Daley leaves a battered Stroger on the ticket, Democrats may lose to newly minted Republican Paul Vallas.

Now is not the time for deference to the powerful. From now on, when a politician lies, maybe we'll get in their face, black or pink, powerful or weak, puppet or puppet master.
Kass is right.

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