Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bill Foster's 1,400 year long Civil War in Iraq and yesterday's Iraqi Elections

AP Photo Dallas News

Congressman Bill Foster (D-Emanuel) on what he saw as a hopeless Civil War last July. A War where the United States should have abandoned allies below.
As firm as I am about our obligation to our troops, I am troubled about their continued presence in Iraq. While we continue to referee a 1,400-year-old civil war there, Al Qaeda is regenerating along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. It is long past time to begin to redeploy and rebuild our forces. Our presence in Iraq and the Administration's management of the conflict is diminishing our ability to fight our true enemies, and it is preventing us from addressing needs here at home.
You gotta wonder who's giving Foster advice now on Pakistan/Afghanistan now, and what those so quick to give up hope for Victory are prepared to give up on now.

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