Friday, February 06, 2009

Aiham Alsammarae back in Iraq أيهم السامرائي

He's talking with Richard Dreyfuss in The Nation. Amazing where a guy doing it the Chicago Way can pop up.

Picture is Alsammare, Blagojevich, and Auchi at that dinner at the Four Seasons. The dinner Obama can't recall if he attended.

وهو يتحدث مع ريتشارد درايفوس في حياة الأمة. المدهش فيها الرجل القيام به شيكاغو الطريق يمكن البوب. الصورة Alsammare ، Blagojevich ، واوجي في ذلك العشاء في الفصول الأربعة. العشاء أوباما لا يمكن أن يذكر ما اذا كان حضر.


Real Iraq said...

Yeah the article in the nation was fantastic. Did you get a chance to read it? I'm surprised you didnt post a link to it--what does the picture have to do with the article? Anyway, here's the link so you can have a good read:

Dr Alsammarae had some fantastic insights into the political situation in iraq. Of course, the government there (not the entire governmentt, but the more funamentalist, hardliner members) hate his guts and have repeatedly tried to destroy his credibility. It's probably because he's alot smarter than them and knows just how to fix the situation there: he was the first to suggest reconciliation with sunni groups, he was the first to go against Chalabi's de-baathification policy, and brought electricity output to levels unseen in 20 yrs (at about 5500MW). I hope someone with enough brains to get through all the hogwash listens to him...maybe we can see some real change in Iraq then!

Bill Baar said...

I have it linked. The picture just shows Alsammarae with Auchi and our Illionois Gov Blagojevich. Dr. Alsammarae has some great insights on Illinois politics too!

I wish he would join me for lunch. Vini's in Lisle maybe?