Sunday, January 11, 2009

State Senator Mike Noland (Ill 22nd) and the Guv

From Mike Noland's Why I voted no on the recall vote,
Finally, I understand and even share your frustration regarding the governor. However, this, while in part his own doing, is something hard sought by those who want not so much his head as his job. Again, this is what elections are for. If and when he is charged with misconduct we can, under our constitution, impeach him.
Considering most of the stuff the Guv's been impeached over were long known before Noland's vote on recall, and the obvious lust for the Guv's job, you wonder how Noland will vote in the trial.

Noland may not be one lusting for the Guv's job, but fear of losing his, may change his mind on the trial.


John G. Dalton said...

Well you sure got this one wrong. Sen. Noland voted to convict the governor, and made a great speech from the floor of the Senate explaining his deeply held convictions on the matter.

Anonymous said...

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