Friday, January 16, 2009

Rep. Foster Votes to Extend Children’s Health Care Coverage

Something about Blagojevich Democrats talking about Health Care and Kids that raises red flags for me now. Bill Foster (D-Emanuel) on SCHIP Reauthorization.
The bill is fully paid for with an increase in the tobacco tax and a provision regarding self-referral to physician-owned hospitals. The bill raises the tobacco tax by 61 cents a pack, an action that discourages children from smoking. According to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, a 61 cent-increase in the tobacco tax means that 1,873,000 fewer children will take up smoking.
See how long a 61 cent tax on addicts supports this. It looks like Blagojevich shell game with revenues. If SCHIP expansion a wise move, let's pay for it upfront like adults.

Some history,
Blagojevich used children as a way to dodge questions about the federal corruption trial of his former adviser and top fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko. When quizzed on the topic in April by reporters outside his Springfield office, the governor summoned nearby children to help.

"Kids, where are you when … I need you," said Blagojevich, laughing and motioning to the bright yellow-shirted children to gather around him outside of his Capitol office. "Come on over. Come visit. Come on over."

Pressed further, Blagojevich again deferred to the youngsters.

"Look it. Look what we have here. We've got kids here," Blagojevich said.

Today's Trib on All Kids.
...the state hasn't been as aggressive as needed in doing outreach.

The bottom line is, although Illinois has a universal health insurance program for all kids, it doesn't seem to be reaching all the children in the state who could benefit.
Get the feeling the problem is not fixed with new programs but just getting the existing ones to reach out to those in need? Maybe the financial fix in the back of Democrats minds is not smoking but just a new program financed by lack-of-use because Government doesn't seek out those needing to be served. Human Shields called for defense and then ignored maybe.

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