Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's ask Lt Guv Quinn about the tax increase

Even someone cuckoo can ask the right question. Turns out he was asked not so long ago,
Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn won't say if he will or won't support raising the state income tax to deal with a $2 billion budget hole if he becomes Illinois' governor.

Quinn says he'd need to conduct a thorough review of everything if he was in charge.
So what has Lt Guv Quinn been doing on the tax payer's dime for all these years that he can't say?

Who's to day there's no truth here:
They want to get me out fast so they could put a huge income-tax increase on the people of Illinois… And they want to raise the sales tax on gas. . . . If I’m out of the way, they can quietly push this through.
Sing a pledge Pat Quinn. If my delinquent analysis compels a tax increase of any sorts, I will not run for reelection.

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