Monday, January 26, 2009

Batchlor on Gitmo

They're POWs. They should stay in the cage for the duration. It's as simple and legal as that.

Civil criminal trials would be frauds and judicial lynchings.

They stay until AQL surrenders or is destroyed.

GITMO may be a PR disaster for the US, but it's probably the best cage we can build. My guess is Obama's alternative in the States will be worse, or --more likely-- we'll simply avoid prisoners. That would be a real civilized solution to our PR problem.

As my boss told me of his time in Anbar, the local Sheik would sign for the Iraqis but we couldn't turn the foreigners over to them because they'd shoot 'em. My guess is now the foreigner we'll get turned over with Obama.

Batchlor HT RBO


Mike said...

Sickening! Great blog (and I love your train blog, which is how I found you in the first place...but can't comment on that one).

Bill Baar said...

I'll have to check the settings on the train blog.. thanks