Friday, December 12, 2008

Who's Blagojevich's Iraqi Guy; Nadhmi Auchi or Aiham Alsammarae?

H/T Rich Miller's Capital Fax today. Check Jon Stewart out from last night. Note Blagojevich saying this on the phone,
“How’s Tony doing? [Scene cut] The Iraqi guy? You gonna talk to him today about the other stuff?”

Here's the Gov back at that dinner for Auchi at the Four Seasons standing between Auchi and Alsammarae. Pick the Iraqi the Gov was asking about the other stuff?

Update: Harry from Harry's place laments how one Iraqi guy used UK libel laws, is a genuine national disgrace that it is impossible in the United Kingdom to post links to material which may be readily found with anybody with the slightest degree of skill and intelligence, or to make comments about public figures whose conduct is a matter of public record.

Faced with a determined and wealthy opponent, and the state of British libel laws, the only option is - more often than not - to capitulate or be utterly destroyed.

For those of you who live in a country which respects Freedom of Expression: I envy you.
Come to Chicago and dine with the heavy hitters expect to play ball. Don't hide behind the Ump when we sports fans heckle. It's not sportsman like and just down right wimpy.

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