Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Crack of Dawn Blago Post

Sneed wrote yesterday Fitz has Rahm on tape 21 times talking about BHO's replacemenet. I don't think it matters what's said, I don't think he can bleeping survive 21 exposures to his bleeping style.

**** Can Blagojevich beat impeachment?
Lawmakers don’t expect Blagojevich to show up for the proceedings, but they do expect surrogates to put up a strong fight.

“I think he (Blagojevich) will make allegations and throw a lot against the wall. He’s done that in the past,” said Rep. Jack Franks, D-Woodstock. “It’s not going to be pretty. Democracy rarely is.”
Gov wan't playing-to-play by himself. Illinois needs a strong fight to clear out all the boodlers.
Riehl World View: Uh "O", ... Connect These Two Dots
Allegedly Jessie Jackson Jr. has talked to the Feds about Blago since 2006 when he feels he was the target of a $25,000 shakedown over his wife being up for a slot with the state lottery. Now recall Jackson senior suggesting he'd like to remove a certain part of Obama's anatomy for "talking down to black people" on this "faith based," whatever he was referring to. There may well might be more to the animosity than that. In a sense, there are two camps emerging as Obama was definitely a Blago guy given his high profile in support of Blago's political campaigns. One of them the very same one in which Jackson Jr. felt he was the target of a shakedown.

Inject some serious bad blood between groups of people, all inside players in a Chicago now engulfed in scandal, and it might lead to all sorts of interesting information coming out.
Yep, it's not going to be pretty.

Garrad McClendon Live had Judy Baar Topinka on his show. Catch the very last moments of the interview where Judy says Fitz should put a wire tap on the Cook County Board.

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Chicago politics is a lot like Louisiana politics - nasty in the extreme.