Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holder to recuse himself if Attorney General from Chicago Politics?

That's what AP's Peter Yost writes today: Would new AG Holder exit Chicago corruption probe?

Yost missed the real question though. Chicago's CBS TV was picking it up even before the Blagojevich Federal Compliant,
Holder may face questions about a potential conflict of interest.

Four-and-a-half years ago, he held a news conference in Chicago at the Thompson Center. He had accepted a $300,000 assignment from Rod Blagojevich: Should a company whose chairman had been fined for violating gambling rules in Illinois be allowed to build a half-billion dollar casino in Rosemont?

In the end, it didn't happen. Holder got into a jurisdictional dispute with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and he did not get the free and total access to all the documents he wanted.
Given our Guv's Pay-to-Play style, the real question is what did Holder have to do for a 300k deal with the Guv? It would had to have been more thant f***** apppreciation.

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