Saturday, December 27, 2008

Foggy Day Blagojevich Blogging

An open post for the Day on the Guv. Gov. Rod Blagojevich's lawyer criticized by lawmakers
Genson said the panel was using Fitzgerald's request [to stay clear of his witnesses] as cover to deny Blagojevich a fair impeachment hearing. Genson suggested last week he was considering a potential challenge to the impeachment in federal court.

"They are railroading him," Genson said Friday. "If a person is telling the truth, what difference does it make if he tells it twice? How does that hurt their case? That's just the legislature and Mr. Fitzgerald trying to put a reality on something that doesn't make sense."
Genson's got a point. The explosive charge is the Gov auctioning off Obama's seat. If there is a conspiracy here, we need both sides of it to talk.

Chicago via Sri Lanka: Chicago - America’s ‘most theatrically corrupt’ city
Either way, the gut reaction of most Chicagoans to the FBI complaint against Governor Rod Blagojevich, outlining his baroque plans, to "monetise" Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat was not shock or even disgust. It was surprise that he had been so reckless as to discuss them on a bugged telephone. To this day, Illinois campaign finance laws are astonishingly lax – there is no cap on the amount of cash a politician can solicit.
Takes two to chat on a phone. That at least two reckless fools in this theater.

A neat interactive time line on key Blagojevich events. HT Blagojevich Blog

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