Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Crack of Dawn Blago Post

Real Clear Barack Obama posts Batchelor: “We’re going to fight this case with a profile on Ed “The Devil’s Advocate” Genson.
...Ed Genson is a Chicago guy.

He will call favors.

We can expect that many possible villains will now emerge whose presence will mitigate the tale, such as billionaire Sam Zell for entertaining creepy deals about his Tribune, such as Rahm Emanuel for muscling a list of candidates on Blago on Election Day.

Would Ed Genson start telling stories about the President-Elect?

The reputation is that he will do almost anything to win. This is the Devil’s Advocate, meaning he is a veteran of taking on the self-elected and heroic such as Patrick Fitzgerald and Barack Obama.

Backyard Conservative finds a Zorn column from 2006: Where's old Pat Quinn?
The new Pat Quinn -- next in line to lead the state should he and Blagojevich win a second term in November-- says he's “satisfied" by the explanations Blagojevich has offered to date about the considerable hints of corruption swirling around him.

(Though Dan Curry suggests here that Quinn's response to My Big Fat Birthday Gift suggests that Quinn has been a mere partisan agitator all along. Thus concludes Dan Curry Week at Change of Subject.)

But Quinn said no, he remains true to his principles: “I never made accusations against people unless I knew concrete facts.”

I dunno, I told him. The old Pat Quinn I remember so fondly wouldn’t have stopped asking questions until he got those facts.
Also see Dems Renege on Special Election
Statement from Illinois Republican Party Chairman Andy McKenna on Democrats killing the special election legislation:

“Tonight the world has seen up close the hypocrisy of Illinois politics.

“The only thing more audacious than Democrats proposing a special election and going back on their word is that they did it in full view of the public.

“Speaker Madigan first supported a vote on special elections legislation and make no mistake, his actions tonight directly benefit the Democratic Party.

“Our grassroots campaign for a special election continues and we call on all Illinois Democrats who run government here and in Washington to speak on the record immediately about what happened here today.

“The people of Illinois deserve better."

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