Saturday, December 20, 2008

Batchelor: Blago Fights Lynching

A classic pic from RBO from a post channeling John Batchor's Blago Fights Lynching.

Batchlor on the Gov's Press Conf yesterday,
The worst news today was for the Obama team, because when Blago “answers every allegation that comes my way,” he is going to do it in a fashion that makes certain Rahm Emanuel is in the frame. Mr. Obama has gone to the 50th State. The Obama transition report on the contacts between Blago and Rahm Emanuel (left) is still scheduled for Monday 22.

The slow motion leaking all week, first that there were 21 contacts, now that Blago and Emanuel spoke directly, is designed to soften the headlines. It will not work if we get a chance to see the vulgarity in its glory.

Also, the Rahm and Blago mentions of Valerie Jarrett will not read unambiguously. This is a political story, not a criminal story. And the risk to Emanuel is also the risk to President-Elect Barack Obama (PEBO), and it will go on for months as Blago fights.
It's going to be a hot January in Chicago.

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