Wednesday, December 10, 2008

AP: Illinois governor ignores Obama's call to resign

The AP,
CHICAGO – His career in shreds, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich clung defiantly to power Wednesday, ignoring a call to step down from President-elect Barack Obama and a warning that Senate Democrats will not let him appoint a new senator from the state.

"Everyone is calling for his head," said Barbara Flynn Currie, a leader in the Illinois Senate and, like the governor, a Democrat.
Obama should walk on over to the State of Illinois building for a chat with the Gov. It would be good practice for that personal diplomacy he talked about in the debates. Sitting down with tought leaders to find a solution to conflicts.


Anonymous said...

There is no Obama-Blago connection

CNN Headline News just addressed the Obama-Blago non-connection:

Anchor: “And in further developments on this story, there is no connection here with President-Elect Obama. Right?”

Reporter: “Right”

Anchor: “Moving onto other stories…..”

* They’re not in the same party. [Perhaps D-Ill. just means Deathly Ill]

* Blago is sui generis ex nihilo; he came to power entirely by deception; he’s delusional; he has no connection whatsoever to any other Illinois politician; nobody ever endorsed him or voted for him.

* Obama never supported, endorsed or defended Blago.

* They have no personal connections whatsoever.

* They aren’t tied through Antoine “Big Rat” Rezko.

* Obama had no idea that Blago, or Daley or any other Chicago pol is a crook.

* Obama’s tall; Blago’s short.

* Blago’s a Chicagoan; Obama’s an immigrant.

* Blago’s scandal has come at the end of his term; Obama’s have begun even before he takes office.

* Obama has no connection to Senate Candidate #5, Jesse Jackson Jr.

* Obama is “saddened and sobered.”

* Obama said, “We had…uhh…I had no contact with Blagojevich whatso…uhh…or his office, so…uhh…” and then he took the fifth.

* LA Times: Q: “Are you aware of any conversations between Blagojevich or [chief of staff] John Harris and any of your top aides, including Rahm [Emanuel]?” Obama: “Let me stop you there because . . . it’s an ongoing…. investigation.”

* Nothing to see here.

* Move on.

Mike's America said...

Good point... If Obama can't even clean up the mess in his home state what makes people think he can handle the Iranians?