Saturday, November 08, 2008

“Bush Dog” Rahm on war in Iraq

I've agreed with Rahm on policy but his hypocrisy (and Illinois corruption) won't let me ever vote Democrat again. Democrats have done America great damage talking out of both sides of their mouths like this. Read it about the guy Liberals, Progressives, and UUs in the West Burbs were calling a "Bush Dog".

And this from on of those hero's of progressives from the CD next to me,
According to Spidel, Emanuel worked against Cegelis because of her support for withdrawal from Iraq and her outspoken opposition to "free trade" legislation like the Central American Free Trade Agreement. "In 2006 the DCCC was Emanuel's personal weapon. He executed based on his needs. He needed votes on 'free trade' legislation that he supports, and he knew that [Cegelis] was one of the Democrats who would vote her own way," Spidel said.

Spidel said that Emanuel worked to defeat Cegelis because she represented a threat to the established Illinois Democrats and because she did not seek their approval before running. "Chicago politics is a family. If you didn't go into the city and kiss certain rings, you were not given certain resources like Political Action Committee lists and donor lists. Cegelis' success hurt some egos and the party didn't like their lack of control," Spidel said.
Going to be quite a four years.

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