Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Live Blogging - Oxford Miss

I'll give live blogging a try...

McCain's been booted on the bailout by Congress and Bush over a bailout that could cost every American family $10k. That may not be such a bad way to start it off.

First question, geez Obama always sounds the geek.

I like this format and the encouragement to go face to face...this could be great.

LOL...afraid I couldn't hear him... touche McCain

Obama suspended earmarks for Illinois? that's news to me.

Obama's throwing out numbers on McCain's tax cuts....I'm not sure this is the kind of debate where you want to do that.

McCains getting under Obama's skin.

McCains campaigning against Congress...pretty good for a guy who's been there 26 years...he's got Obama defending earmarks.

....and McCain is having fun.

festooned with xmas ornaments.... McCain on the oil bill... Obama voted for it...McCain didn't

Obama said we can't afford it and then rattled off a laundry list of things to buy...

Great! McCain would eliminate ethanol spending.... no cost - plus contracting... now on the Littoral combat ship... specifics from McCain.

Great again...McCain mentioned Boeing contract..he stopped it and people now in prison.

Tom...or John? Obama gets tangled...McCain did that it would be a senior moment.

McCain: would do spending freeze on everything but Defense and VA. Obama is flummoxed

Ouch, McCain mentioned the work he did on nuke gen along with Sen Clinton.

McCain said spending out of control... there are agencies that can be cut... Obama is calling him on it....but taking too long.... McCain is rattling off a list of disagreements with the administration. And he just mentioned Palin too.

Iraq: McCain said he went to Iraq in 2003 and came back recommending changes. We will succeed now and have a stable ally in the region.... the consequences of defeat.... now see how Obama responds.

McCain looks great to me.

Obama is talking about the initial vote...well, that's expected... heck, he never mentioned anything about Afganistan and distraction in that initial speech.

Next President is going to have to decide.... a point McCain should really expand on

Obama on Senate inside baseball...that's a loser

McCain on the 688 re enlisting...troops asking to let us win...great response....

Good...McCain referenced abandoning Afghanistan after driving out the Russians.

Great response on threatening Pakistan..! I've been to Waziristan...

Obama's trying to blew McCain's cool....

Obama said the Taliban are still sending out videotapes... well, glad they've been held to just that...

Question on Iran: nukes is an existential threat to Israel. We cannot allow a second Holocaust...great McCain is talking League of Democracies.

McCains scores points on Obama's vote against Kyl amendment on Iran.

Obama is saying way too much.... talking too much.

I'm not swayed by what Dr. Kissenger says...McCain just did saber thrust to Obama on talks with Akmenjhad

McCain saw KGB in Putin's eyes...nice and needed put down on Bush

Whow...on McCain pronouncing Geogian Prez's name

....too many points...too many points....slow it down Barack

Obama on missle defense....that sounds he for or against?

Great, McCain is linking Obama to Bush's failure to admit mistakes!

Great closing by McCain!

My thought was Obama seemed back on his heels through most of it...but after all, I'm biased... nice format though and Lehrer did a good job.

night all

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