Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Foster's Playground

Foster's bickering ad. This from a guy who knocks our Iraqi allies for having 1,200 year long civil war and failing a political solution.

I just can't get an image out of my mind of Foster on the totlot getting rolled by those tough kids from south of the tracks: Jackson, Rush, and Lipinski over the Wall Street bail out.

So much for bickering, those mean kids play with baseball bats. Maybe time to head back for the Lab Mr. Foster.

xp http://capitalfax.blogspot.com/2008/09/fosters-playground.html

Monday, September 29, 2008

Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis

Not like we didn't have some warning...hearings from 2004. HT Illinois Review

Oberweis on the bailout

Waiting until Thursday seems a pretty good idea to me. I'm with the ice cream man on this one. via his website
(BATAVIA, September 29) -- Republican Congressional Candidate Jim Oberweis - after the House of Representatives voted 228-205 to reject the $700 billion bailout for financial insitutions - made the following statement:

"I support the action taken by the House of Representatives this afternoon in rejecting a flawed bailout plan that would have put American taxpayers at risk for $700 billion. Had I been a Member of Congress, I would have voted 'no.'

"Now that the flawed measure has been rejected, Congress can take the time necessary to strengthen the legislation to improve the odds of its success at solving the problem at hand, while reducing taxpayer risk and improving taxpayer protections. It is important that Congress address this very serious economic crisis that we are facing, but it is equally important that Congress address this situation in a way that will subject taxpayers to the smallest loss possible while doing what is necessary to keep our financial system working in a positive way. We must not sow the seeds of future, equally serious problems by trying to solve this situation too quickly. We must do this right with reasonable speed rather than doing this wrong with great speed."

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rezko tunes: who else will sing? Rezko والإيقاعات : آخر الذي سوف يغني؟

Trib writes,
Four attorneys have told the Tribune in recent days that federal prosecutors have telephoned them and other attorneys either with news Rezko is talking, or armed with details only Rezko could know. The lawyers speculated prosecutors are using the preliminary talks with Rezko to shake loose more cooperation from other witnesses.
I'm guessing Feds shaking Ayham Alsammare lose too.

Also check The Real Barack Obama for more.

For Arabic readers:

Trib كتب ،

أربعة محامين أبلغوا تريبيون في الاونة الاخيرة من ان المدعين الفيدراليين قد اتصل بهم هاتفيا والمحامين وإما مع غيرها من الأخبار Rezko يتحدث ، أو المسلحة مع تفاصيل Rezko فقط يمكن أن نعرف. وتكهنت والمحامين والمدعين العامين وتستخدم محادثات تمهيدية مع Rezko ليهز فضفاض المزيد من التعاون من الشهود الآخرين.

انا التخمين المحققون الإتحاديون تهز أيهم Alsammare تفقد جدا.

أيضا التحقق من ريال مدريد لباراك أوباما أكثر.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate Live Blogging - Oxford Miss

I'll give live blogging a try...

McCain's been booted on the bailout by Congress and Bush over a bailout that could cost every American family $10k. That may not be such a bad way to start it off.

First question, geez Obama always sounds the geek.

I like this format and the encouragement to go face to face...this could be great.

LOL...afraid I couldn't hear him... touche McCain

Obama suspended earmarks for Illinois? that's news to me.

Obama's throwing out numbers on McCain's tax cuts....I'm not sure this is the kind of debate where you want to do that.

McCains getting under Obama's skin.

McCains campaigning against Congress...pretty good for a guy who's been there 26 years...he's got Obama defending earmarks.

....and McCain is having fun.

festooned with xmas ornaments.... McCain on the oil bill... Obama voted for it...McCain didn't

Obama said we can't afford it and then rattled off a laundry list of things to buy...

Great! McCain would eliminate ethanol spending.... no cost - plus contracting... now on the Littoral combat ship... specifics from McCain.

Great again...McCain mentioned Boeing contract..he stopped it and people now in prison.

Tom...or John? Obama gets tangled...McCain did that it would be a senior moment.

McCain: would do spending freeze on everything but Defense and VA. Obama is flummoxed

Ouch, McCain mentioned the work he did on nuke gen along with Sen Clinton.

McCain said spending out of control... there are agencies that can be cut... Obama is calling him on it....but taking too long.... McCain is rattling off a list of disagreements with the administration. And he just mentioned Palin too.

Iraq: McCain said he went to Iraq in 2003 and came back recommending changes. We will succeed now and have a stable ally in the region.... the consequences of defeat.... now see how Obama responds.

McCain looks great to me.

Obama is talking about the initial vote...well, that's expected... heck, he never mentioned anything about Afganistan and distraction in that initial speech.

Next President is going to have to decide.... a point McCain should really expand on

Obama on Senate inside baseball...that's a loser

McCain on the 688 re enlisting...troops asking to let us win...great response....

Good...McCain referenced abandoning Afghanistan after driving out the Russians.

Great response on threatening Pakistan..! I've been to Waziristan...

Obama's trying to blew McCain's cool....

Obama said the Taliban are still sending out videotapes... well, glad they've been held to just that...

Question on Iran: nukes is an existential threat to Israel. We cannot allow a second Holocaust...great McCain is talking League of Democracies.

McCains scores points on Obama's vote against Kyl amendment on Iran.

Obama is saying way too much.... talking too much.

I'm not swayed by what Dr. Kissenger says...McCain just did saber thrust to Obama on talks with Akmenjhad

McCain saw KGB in Putin's eyes...nice and needed put down on Bush

Whow...on McCain pronouncing Geogian Prez's name

....too many points...too many points....slow it down Barack

Obama on missle defense....that sounds tangled...is he for or against?

Great, McCain is linking Obama to Bush's failure to admit mistakes!

Great closing by McCain!

My thought was Obama seemed back on his heels through most of it...but after all, I'm biased... nice format though and Lehrer did a good job.

night all

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Daley on Obama and Chicago's Machine

via NPR, HT Beachwood Reporter:
It started last night, when former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani used his speech at the Republican National Convention to ridicule Obama's biography.

GIULIANI: He worked as a community organizer. He immersed himself in Chicago machine politics.

Daley, whose career grew within Chicago's Democratic Party, had this reaction:

DALEY: I don't know where we get this, this idea that there's a big Democratic machine going on. Chicago and the metropolitan area is very Democratic and the state is. There's no, this machine. I thought it was laughable.
I wonder if Robert Sorich is laughing. Photo above and quote below per NYT,
Led by the office of Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the United States attorney here and also the special prosecutor in the C.I.A. leak case in Washington, prosecutors attacked what they called a "corrupt clout machine" that orchestrated a fraud in city hiring and promotions.

"I think what we saw in this case was the revealing of the Chicago machine, the inner workings of the Chicago machine," said S. Jay Olshansky, the jury foreman. "There clearly is one. It has been in existence for quite some time."

Mr. Olshansky said he had been appalled to learn how city hiring worked.

The convictions have left many people wondering how much closer to Mayor Richard M. Daley a federal investigation that has been rising up the ranks of City Hall might go, and what consequences it could have as he faces re-election for a fifth term next year.

Palin's National Security Credentials

An email forwarded to me by my Friend-on-the-Hill,
Subject: Important info re: Palin's Nat. Secur. Cred

Just picked up some little known info on Palin's
National Security Credentials. Some have shrugged off her position as Commander of the Alaskan National Guard but see this:

"Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile
interceptor defense system. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the unit that protects the entire nation from ballistic missile attacks. It's on permanent active duty, unlike other Guard units.

As governor of Alaska, Palin is briefed on highly
classified military issues, homeland security, and counterterrorism. Her exposure to classified material may rival even Biden's.

She's also the commander in chief of the Alaska State
Defense Force (ASDF), a federally recognized militia incorporated into Homeland Security's counterterrorism plans.

Palin is privy to military and intelligence secrets
that are vital to the entire country's defense. Given Alaska's proximity to Russia, she may have security clearances we don't even know about.

According to the Washington Post, she first met with
McCain in February, but nobody ever found out. This is a woman used to keeping secrets.

She can be entrusted with our national security,
because she already is."

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stop the Smears

From the McCain Report,
Of the many smears against Governor Palin now being circulated by left-wing bloggers and amplified by the national media, only one seems to have been directly picked up by the Obama campaign and its surrogates--that Governor Palin was once a supporter of Pat Buchanan, and that she is therefore a Nazi sympathizer.

The first attack came from Obama surrogate Rep. Robert Wexler, the co-chair of Obama's campaign in Florida. Wexler, badly mangling his facts, accused Governor Palin of supporting Pat Buchanan in the 2000 Alaska primary. Based on this he asserted that Governor Palin had "aligned herself with a leading anti-Israel voice in American politics," while finding space to invoke the name of Adolph Hitler and the phrase "Nazi sympathizer." Only it wasn't true--Palin was an official on the Forbes campaign in 2000. Wexler never apologized or retracted his statement.

Then an official Obama spokesman picked up the charge in a statement to the Miami Herald:
"Palin was a supporter of [MSNBC analyst] Pat Buchanan, a right-winger or as many Jews call him: a Nazi sympathizer,'' Obama spokesman Mark Bubriski wrote in an email.

Governor Palin has never supported Pat Buchanan and every responsible magazine or blog that made the charge has since corrected the record, leaving only the Obama campaign peddling this smear. How is it that the media, so committed to fighting the smears against the Obama campaign, is more than happy to allow this one to fester?

Obama's vetting v Palin's

RBO takes a look at Palin's coverage and concludes,
The point is this: Where was, and is, this same level of scrutiny for the Democratic presidential nominee? You know, “The One”.

What just overwhelmingly amazes RBO is that MSM and Left Blogistan can’t see the hypocrisy! Would that they had spent as much time—oh, say, about 18 months or more ago—examining Barack Obama’s nearly lifelong unsavory Marxist/Leninist/Communist/Socialist, corruption, and terrorist influences and associations as they have in just this past week to Sarah Palin’s “vetting”.

Can we name-drop here? Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Michael Pfleger, Otis Moss, Louis Farrakhan, Tony Rezko (and honored members of the “Illinois Combine”), Aiham Alsammarae, Nadhmi Auchi, … and the list goes on.

This situation has gone way beyond these folks just being “in the tank” for Obama.

RBO honestly believes that they have collectively developed a clinical case of mass hysteria, which is defined as a “mental disorder characterized by emotional excitability and sometimes by amnesia or a physical deficit, such as paralysis, or a sensory deficit, without an organic cause”—due to drinking way too much Kool Aid or sniffing the Hopium. Take your pick. How else to explain it?

Monday, September 01, 2008

Joe Trippi gets it

From Dems Shouldn't Underestimate Palin

I can't imagine a starker contrast between two candidates acomplishments.
Something else in his speech introducing Palin as his choice caught my attention and I believe shines some light on the real reason McCain chose the Alaskan.

McCain said of this pick “I have found the right partner to help me stand up to those who value their privileges over their responsibilities, who put power over principle, and put their interests before your needs…I found someone with an outstanding reputation for standing up to special interests and entrenched bureaucracies; someone who has fought against corruption and the failed policies of the past.”

The McCain campaign plans on making an assault on Barack Obama’s strength as a change agent. And challenge, what the McCain campaign will describe as, Obama’s weak or non-existent attacks on corruption within the Democratic party and other institutions throughout his career.

Gerard Baker: Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama

Excellant column comparing the two of them,
Political experience

Obama: Worked his way to the top by cultivating, pandering to and stroking the most powerful interest groups in the all-pervasive Chicago political machine, ensuring his views were aligned with the power brokers there.

Palin: Worked her way to the top by challenging, attacking and actively undermining the Republican party establishment in her native Alaska. She ran against incumbent Republicans as a candidate willing and able to clean the Augean Stables of her state's government.

Political Biography

Obama: A classic, if unusually talented, greasy-pole climber. Held a succession of jobs that constitute the standard route to the top in his party's internal politics: "community organizer", law professor, state senator.

Palin: A woman with a wide range of interests in a well-variegated life. Held a succession of jobs - sports journalist, commercial fisherwoman, state oil and gas commissioner, before entering local politics. A resume that suggests something other than burning political ambition from the cradle but rather the sort of experience that enables her to understand the concerns of most Americans..
... but read it all.