Saturday, August 09, 2008

Axelrod and John Edwards retreading the politics of hope

via Rolling Stone in Oct 2007
Michael Crowley at TNR highlights this surreal clip of John Edwards in 2004 mouthing Obama’s signature 2008 line about “The Politics of Hope.”

Mike’s takeaway — that the video “reminds us a) there are only so many campaign themes in presidential politics and b) just how much John Edwards has reinvented himself” — misses the vital connection between the candidates.

David Axelrod. The media guru who managed Edwards failed 2004 presidential campaign. The same media guru who became Barack’s senate campaign consultant later that cycle and is still Obama’s message man today.

Coincidence? C’mon….
C'mon is right. Gotta wonder if Edwards was just into the primary as spoiler with Axelrod cooridinating it all.

Update: Check The Real Barack Obama for more.

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