Saturday, July 12, 2008

Strassel in WSJ: Dick Durbin and the Chicago Boys

Kimberley Strassel on Durbin carrying water for his oil-speculating-patrons (Rahm's too) over at the Mercantile Exchange: Dick Durbin and the Chicago Boys
...under the Durbin strategy, they [Democrats]can continue the sham of getting tough on speculators, all the while knowing he will see to it they aren't allowed to wantonly destroy U.S. financial markets. As a bonus, Mr. Durbin can privately take credit for rescuing his hometown industry, sucking up its support and donations for his re-election bid this fall. The only losers are voters, who've yet to be let in on the joke of this "speculation" farce.
Where are the radicals when you need 'em? Tell the Doc his heart is in the right place been when you're dealing with the magnates of speculation a candidates gotta play a little tougher. When the progressives are in bed with high-finance it's time to play a populist card yourself. When you're as far behind as Sauerberg there's no risk throwing some rocks at windows around LaSalle street, the combine be damned. Then consider throwing a few around Decatur at Durbin's friends in Agri Biz on that 54 cent-per-gallon on imported ethanol

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