Friday, July 11, 2008

Rove subena, Bush Impeachment, get the feeling Dems worried about Obama flips?

Pelosi is talking up impeachment again. Progressives getting energized over Rove. Get the feeling Obama supporters a little worried over Obama flipping on FISA, or sounding like he might listen to General Petreaus's wise counsel on winning the War, so now dragging out last year's issues to scare the base back in line a bit?

Meaningless stuff (as though a Prez Obama wouldn't defend separation-of-powers if Axelrod subeaned for a witch hunt!) thrown at progressives suffering buyer's remorse with Obama.

So instead of dealing with real threats, and oil prices, and things that matter; we're getting-warmed-over, phony politics, from past years.

Update: Check Beckel's 'What's Wrong With Senator Obama?' too see the juice Democrats are trying to pump back into the campaign. Rove and Impeachment's not going to do it.

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