Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama on Bill Foster's 1,400 year long Civil War in Iraq

From MNF-I's site,

Maj. Gen. Michael Oates, commanding general of Multi-National Division - Center, and Maj. Gen. Ali Salih Farhood Oothman, 8th Iraqi army dvision commander, answer questions during a Pentagon press conference on Camp Victory on July 10. Photo by Staff Sgt. Michel Sauret.

The bonds created from success in battle so strong now that the talks on time tables for withdrawel seem moot. Iraq's becoming a strong ally of the US in the Middle East regardless of the terms and time tables that are established.
Improved security in the communities allows the Iraqi government to reopen court houses, build new schools, improve medical facilities, clean out canals, pave roads and fund other local projects. With violence on the decline, Coalition and Iraqi forces have been able to spend more time in the neighborhoods and gain trust in the people’s eyes.

As stability continues to improve, Oates said he looks forward to fair and safe elections; an improving economy; civic responsibility among leaders and politicians; an Iraqi Army that continues to gain professionalism; and more programs funded by the Government of Iraq.
No President or Congressman will easily walk away from this success won at such painful cost.

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