Friday, July 25, 2008

National Health Care Reform (Cook County Health Care Reform)

Want an idea of what Obama's plan for National Health Care would be then just talk a look with the way these guys run Cook County Hospital... the largest public Hospital in the nation. Pat Hickey channeling the Sun Time's Tim Novak,
While on the county payroll, a top urologist at Cook County Hospital solicited nearly $1 million from drug companies over the last decade for his private foundation.

Dr. Paul S. Ray's pitch was that the money would go toward medical research and education.

Dr. Paul S. Ray has been granted immunity from prosecution to testify against Tony Rezko in a still-pending criminal case.

But most of the money hasn't gone to health care at all. Instead, Ray invested it -- mostly in Tony Rezko.

Rezko is the convicted influence-peddler who had been a prodigious fund-raiser for politicians including Sen. Barack Obama, Gov. Blagojevich and the late Cook County Board President John Stroger, the ultimate boss of the county hospitals.

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DavidE said...

I saw your post. My view on this is that the contributions to a private foundation were disguised kickbacks to the doctor for prescribing drugs.

Geez. The private foundation does nothing for 10 years and still gest contributions. It's ridiculous. This was a payoff.