Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Multiple Obamas on Faith Based Programs

The Obama you read, the Obama you hear, and the Obama you see vote: that's the Obama triad.

Obama wrote in the Audacity of Hope he was a blank screen upon which different people projected different views.

Here's Michael Goldfarb showing the media getting tangled with Obama's blank-screen on the same day.
Obama seems to be on both sides of every issue, but it's rare that he's on both sides of an issue on the same day.

Headline number one, from the Associate Press:
"Obama to expand Bush's faith based programs"

Headline number two, from the Politico:
"Obama to scrap Bush faith-based office"
Also UU Rev Tittle: Obama's faith-based initiative won't work I've seen the programs do good things. Notably the homeless housing for Vets with Catholic Charities at St. Leo's in Chicago. But it's a source of political patronage too. I'd vote against my Church accepting Fed Funds probably.


Pat said...

Do you think the money he pfunneled to Pfleger counts as a faith-based initiative?

Bill Baar said...

Depends if you consider building a political machine a faith I guess.