Monday, July 28, 2008's "It Could Happen to You" ad

This is a pro-Obama ad that will airing on the comedy channel. The Real Barack Obama writes,
Before you read any further, there’s something really, really depressing about this ad. No, it’s not the content; heaven knows that’s depressing enough. What’s really, really, really sad is that this ad—officially known as “It Could Happen to You”—selected by members of in a contest for 30-second pro-Obama videos, was voted the funniest. Honestly, RBO wouldn’t kid about this.

The funniest??? This ad was the FUNNIEST? What were the other entries? Wait! RBO doesn’t want to know.

However, if thinks that this is funny, it’s Comedy Central that’ll be getting the last laugh—all $150,000
Humor doesn't work sometimes.... this is a good example.

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