Friday, July 25, 2008

Iraqi National Congress on Alsammarae

Chalabi's INC's website publishes a Tim Novak column on Ayham Alsammarae

توني رزقو قدم رشاوى لوزير الكهرباء السابق لنيل عقود في العراق.. الهارب ايهم السامرائي دفع ملايين الدولارات لاخراج صديقه من السجن

Google translate (it's great!) turns the headline into,

Tony Rizk provided bribes to the former minister of electricity to get contracts in Iraq .. Ayham al-Samurai, the fugitive pay millions of dollars to pull his friend from prison

Maliki's gotta think he's got the goods on Obama. Here's how the INC leads into the story from their homepage,
Contracts of more than one billion dollars to improve electricity during the Samurai was not arrested, including Iraqis only darkness!

This is the reality of flight of financial and administrative corruption of the accused fugitive

Ayham al-Samurai

Corruption in the Ministry
Hazem Sha'lan

(Details of documents and figures)

عقود باكثر من مليار دولار لتحسين الكهرباء خلال فترة السامرائي لم يقبض منها العراقيون سوى الظلام الدامس!

هذه هي حقيقة رحلة الفساد المالي والإداري للمتهم الهارب

أيهم السامرائي

الفساد في وزارة
حازم الشعلان

(التفاصيل بالوثـائق والأرقام)
Sorry to Arabic readers but I haven't figured out how to switch justification in a single post.

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