Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hossam Al Azzawi on Alsammarae أيهم السامرائي

A google translation of Hossam Al-Azzawi denying Alsammarae would join the Iraqi List.

Amazing the Obama campaign can't make a similar denunciation of Obama supporter Alsammarae.
Al-Azzawi and pointed out that "the draft list does not believe the Iraqi violence and the carrying of arms outside the framework of the state under any guise, it is unlikely, too, that the project includes the Iraqi National List of people claiming to bear arms and to attack others" as he put it.

The Samurai had confirmed at the same press conference he held in Amman last Sunday "support for the legitimate armed resistance against the multinational forces" as he put it, calling for "increased political wing of the Palestinian resistance, which must continue its work."
Also note Nibras Kazimi on Alsammarae's years with Rezko at IIT,
I had seen part of Alsammarrae’s General Intelligence Directorate file back in Baghdad, and he’s identified as a snitch that had worked for the Saddam regime while he was a student in the 1970s, reporting on the political activities and utterances of fellow Iraqi students then pursuing their degrees in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Isn't IIT in chicago..not the UK?

Bill Baar said...

IIT is Illinois Institute of Technology. I can't explain Nibras's comment on the UK other than maybe a typo instead of US.

Then it would make more sense.

Anonymous said...

You can peruse his site, he later says "britain". Plus, Nebras is no fool and that's no typo--he was head of research for the Iraqi National Congress, which is lead by Ahmed Chalabi. Chalabi and Alsammarae are long time political rivals; Nebras was using his weight to settle a political score for his party.

Bill Baar said...

We can send him an email tomorrow and ask... he's pretty good on responding although he's stopping Talisman's Gate. But we can give it a try...