Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chalabi, Obama, and Alsammarae

Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic via The Real Barack Obama's What does Chalabi want from Obama.
Two sources, one in Iraq, the other in Washington, told me that Ahmed Chalabi was key in Maliki’s decision to rather ostentatiously endorse Barack Obama’s Iraq withdrawal time-line. Chalabi, of course, has been in and out — mostly out — of favor with the Bush Administration, but it’s not merely revenge that motivated his advice to Maliki. “Chalabi knows American politics better than nearly every other Iraqi politician, and he knows it’s time to line up with the candidate who has the better-than-even shot of becoming President,” one source told me.

I can’t imagine that Obama will be adding Chalabi anytime soon to his roster of 300 foreign policy advisers, despite the favor Chalabi has apparently done on his behalf.
Alsammarae's endorsement a few weeks ago, now Chalabi advice to Maliki. It's not hard to figure though. Iraqi's have the scoop on Obama's ties with Mike Runman, Daniel Frawely, and Tony Rezko on the Chamchamal power plant deal.

We exported Chicago style Democracy to Iraq Chicago and the Iraqi's have learned how to play.

It's a step up for Iraq, but we may well end up with the Iraqi's having the goods on an American Prez. They'll use those files unless Fitz uses his first.

Also read Did someone mention Kurdistan?
The Iraqi government and head of northern Iraq’s regional Kurdish administration, Massoud Barzani, along with the leadership of US forces in Iraq have started to suggest that American forces be permanently based in Kurdistan. [...]

Iraqi and US negotiations continued in Baghdad to conclude a memorandum of understanding to sign this agreement, which will allow the US military to stay permanently in Kurdistan, and Iraqi and US negotiators agreed to focus these negotiations on the issue of determining a timetable for the agreement.
Funny Obama ommitted this one.

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