Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bill Foster on FISA

Kos citing Foster on FISA,
Bottom line is that Obama wants to cave on FISA not because of "moving to the center" concerns, but because they are afraid of television ads claiming Obama is inviting terrorists over for BBQ. It's the same crappy-style ads that failed miserably in the IL-14 special election (and Foster went on to vote against the FISA capitulation) and have gotten little traction this year. But the Obama campaign thinks that by capitulating, it'll "take the issue off the table", as if Republicans need any excuse to accuse Democrats of being weak on terror.
Ok, I'll retry the crappy-style frame.

Foster's talking tough, at least in emails to me, on Afganistan
As firm as I am about our obligation to our troops, I am troubled about their continued presence in Iraq. While we continue to referee a 1,400-year-old civil war there, Al Qaeda is regenerating along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. It is long past time to begin to redeploy and rebuild our forces.
So if Foster will redeploy to hunt down and kill Al Qaeda, what's the issue with listening in on their phone calls to the US? It's ok to send the killer-hunter teams and predator drones to blow these guys out of their beds and caves, but listening to their phone calls is a civil liberties issue?

Tough and wimpy in the same battle space is not a good mix Congressman. What do you tell that soldier in the field listening to AQ's comms? Shoot the foe is fine but listen to his call to the States and I won't stand in the way of him suing you over it?

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