Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alsammarae on Chalabi

CNN Arabic Language news quoting Alsammarae on Chalabi last year. Chalabi must have a file on Alsammarae that would choke a horse.
The former Iraqi minister said: "The campaign started with the Baghdad newspaper owned by Chalabi, which began introduced the reports on the problems in the electricity sector, in order to discredit them."

He added: "Council accused him of wasting two billion dollars, note that the budget of the ministries during the entire period in which I spent in administration, did not exceed 859 million dollars."


Real Iraq said...

It's no secret the two are political enemies. It has nothing to do with what either one has "on" the other..but more to do with each one of them being in total opposition to eachother in terms of public policy, government structure, and reform in Iraq.

Sounds like you're a chalabi supporter? I mean, this is the same guy who fed the US completely false information on weapons of mass destruction (you know, which the US used to launch its war on iraq)..after he was given millions of dollars by the government of the United States through the 1990s to gather that "intelligence".

Bill Baar said...

Not a Chalabit supporter. Just a guy fascinated by Alsammarae's story. It's worth of a John LeCarre novel. I wish Alsammarae would take me up on an offer for lunch if he's back in Chicago.