Saturday, July 26, 2008

البيرقدار : ملاحقة وزير الكهرباء الاسبق حال عودته Al Hurra TV Alsammarae's return

A google translation of Iraq's al Hurra TV on the return of Alsammarae.
Bayraktar: the prosecution of former minister of electricity and if his return

Ayham al-Samurai, and former Minister of Electricity

His spokesman judge Supreme Judicial Council (Abdul Sattar Albouaprkdar) that the competent courts of the Council will hunt down the former Minister of Electricity (Ayham al-Samurai) in the event of his return to Baghdad. Albouaprkdar explained that the competent courts have already issued a Samurai right set of provisions in absentia, which is still in force and included prison sentences of varying periods. He added Bayraktar said that the verdicts issued against Samurai was convicted on the basis of squandering public funds and abuse of office as minister of career

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