Tuesday, June 17, 2008

WNN: Meet Obama's new albatross: Supporter backs Iraqi terror

WNN gives a nice short wrap up on the Alsammarae story: Meet Obama's new albatross: Supporter backs Iraqi terror And adds a few more pieces...or makes it all more complex.
Now he hopes for a return to Iraqi politics as a result of a recently passed amnesty law in the parliament.

He said in Jordan yesterday "the [insurgency] in Iraq is a legitimate resistance, and it is against occupation, and any resistance in the world against occupation is considered legitimate. I hope that [it] continues and avenges the Iraqi people, and I look forward to expanding its political agenda."

He also said he is still a part of Allawi's political bloc.

Radio Sawa is a 24-hour Arabic-language radio network that originates in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and Washington and receives support from the U.S. government.
I didn't know Alsammarae was ever part of Allawi's bloc.

Joining the resistance after it's been largely defeated an interesting move. The resistance also tried to blow up Alsammare once. (I'll have to google around for the link but the resistance made a point of saying the found Alsammare a double crosser as I recall.

Radio Sawa funded in part by Washington. That'll get conspiracy theorists humming.


admin said...

With America's designs being "to return the Baathists to power, in the name of the resistance" the statement accused Iyad Allawi of "giving orders to the Baathist Ayham al-Samarrai to intrigue against the mujahideen and the resistance … So we proscribe the life of Ayham al-Samarrai, and declare him to be a target of the mujahideen in general and in particular of all members of the three groups (The Islamic Army in Iraq, the Army of the Mujahideen and the Army of Ansar al-Sunna). … Anyone who allows himself to be seduced into doing what the fantasist Ayham is doing will share the same fate" [www.qal3ati.net].


Bill Baar said...

Thanks...that's what I was thinking of...