Monday, June 02, 2008

Rick Moran's Obama the Cowardly Lion

From Right Wing Nut House's Obama the Cowardly Lion,
You wonder what Tony Rezko is thinking after spending years in promoting the young Obama to where now he stands on the threshold of the presidency and because of his trial, the candidate makes out as if he barely knows Rezko. Same goes for Bill Ayers who plucked Obama from obscurity and made him head of Ayer’s baby – the Chicago Annenberg Challenge – only to see the candidate describe his close relationship with Ayers as him being “just a neighbor.”

He tried to downplay his relationship with Wright, with Pfleger, with Reverend James Meeks (another radical bigot) – anyone and everyone who has proven themselves to be a danger to his ambitions has either been tossed on the garbage heap or dismissed as inconsequential.

Anyone see a pattern here?

Let us take Obama at his word for the moment and pretend that he has a ghost of a chance in realizing his campaign promises to bring “change” to Washington. Doesn’t matter how (the candidate hasn’t told us anyway). Whatever plan he comes up with will demand political courage. He will be going up against the most entrenched of interests who will fight tooth and nail to maintain their privileges and access.

But Obama has shown no sign of possessing the kind of political courage it would take to realize any of his goals with regard to “changing” Washington. This should be obvious even to his most rabid supporters. He has never gone against his party. He has never crossed the aisle to work in a bi-partisan manner on anything consequential. (His anti-Iraq war stance took about as much political courage as an alley cat has. He wasn’t running for any federal office and his state senate district makes Berkley look like Utah as far as ideological makeup is concerned.). In short, Obama is a Flim-Flam Man who has gotten away (so far) with relying on a friendly media to cover his ass for him as he tries to put radical after radical in his past behind him.
And some of the radicals rightly ticked... read Musings and Migraines The Music Man.
We can only hope that, if Obama does win the nomination, the Democrats can pull themselves together and figure out how to build this deeply flawed candidate into someone who can win in November without compromising away all of the things that would make a victory matter in the first place.

And then, maybe, we can all march out of the high school gym to the strains of 76 Trombones.

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