Monday, June 16, 2008

Rezko's Friend Ayham Alsammarae gives a Press Conference sooner do I comment to Bored Now about waiting for Rezko to talk about friend Ayham Alsammarae and Alsammarae (the guy who put up bond for Rezko) talks, and talks tough. Talisman Gate via Rezko Watch.
There’s so much vileness here that I really don’t know what to mop up first.

Ayham Alsammarae, Iraq’s slimy ex-Minister of Electricity under the Bremer and Allawi administrations, who had escaped from an Iraqi prison by hiring an American security company to break him out back in December 2006, has resurfaced in the Jordanian capital Amman where he gave a press conference today saying, among other things, that he hoped that the insurgency in Iraq “would continue [against U.S. occupation] and avenges the Iraqi people.”

Alsammarae, an Iraqi-American Chicagoan, added during remarks carried by Radio Sawa (Arabic link) that he had contributed the maximum allowable of $2,300 to Barack Obama’s campaign. But there’s another Obama link to Alsammarae: while serving as electricity minister Alsammarae had been involved in brokering deals in the Iraqi electricity sector for Antoin Rezko, Obama’s long-term friend and patron. Rezko is the Syrian-American hustler who was convicted of fraud in an Illinois court on the day that Obama secured the Democratic nomination.
Talisman Gate told me the fellow to the right of Blagojevich at that dinner in 2004 at the Four Seasons was Alsammarae. The other is a photo of Alsammarae at this Press Conference.

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